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Why is independent software testing vital to successful applications in any industry?

Independent Quality Assurance & Testing are vital for the successful development and deployment of applications in any industry.

The use of a dedicated QA team can be invaluable in preventing malfunctions and downtime due to application defects and can adversely affect users, the reputation of the organization and even the quality of the product.

Independent Quality Assurance & Testing focus on all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), by involving QA in the early phases of the SDLC, such as requirements gathering and design reviews, QA resources that can contribute experience and knowledge of the industry and systems to help define requirements and prevent ambiguities in the development of applications.

Last but not the least, due to our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in Testing Services, we have observed that finding and fixing a defect in the Test Execution Phase costs 15 times less than the defect identified and addressed during the Design Phase. And a defect detected in production can be up to 100 times more costly to fix than the one detected during the requirements phase. Thus, we drive down your ‘Cost of Quality.’