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IoT Testing

What We Do

Our team helps companies take a confident step towards adapting advanced, practical and advantageous solutions to the Internet of Things. We test an IoT software based on its complex architecture, a variety of data and the particularities of IoT ecosystems. We adopt and implement IoT test cases in areas such as the development of smart physical devices, IoT robots, hardware automation, smart home appliances, and other electronics and sensor-embedded devices. We help your business scale and implement the IoT testing process correctly.

We focus on the needs of our clients and organize our IoT testing processes to maximize the benefits of IoT technology implementation. We ensure that all sensors, data collectors and connections are correctly installed and processed. We understand that IoT technology is an unexplored business area, so we provide our customers with an accurate work plan based on a thorough review of the requirements. We also select the most appropriate management strategy, taking into account the specificities of your requests. We maintain clear and transparent business-to-customer interactions, and offer comprehensive project management to protect your business from serious risks. We fulfill all clauses of our Service Level Agreement (SLAs) and ensure timely monitoring, maintenance, and support for all the IoT products we test.

Achieve higher test coverage

Reduce test execution time

Accelerate your release cycle

Reduce your overall cost of quality

We offer custom IoT testing solutions within your time and budget, to ensure that your IoT application performs, as expected.


Integration Testing

Integration testing ensures stable interaction between IoT software and smart devices. Our team brings in-depth expertise and ensures that every line of code runs smoothly between the system and all types of smart appliances, including lighting equipment, management tools, monitoring tools, sensors, and cameras.

Security Testing​

Security Testing ensures that IoT software captures, analyzes, and processes data correctly, without leaking through all smart devices, networks, and systems. Security testing ensures the safety of IoT products as well as hardware checks, access control, APIs, authentication, updates, etc.

Usability Testing

IoT usability testing helps you to listen carefully to your customers and to identify the most vulnerable parts of the workflow of your application. It makes the IoT product more user-friendly, intuitive and easy to set up, making it more competitive.

Reliability And Scalability Testing

These test types help to build the right IoT environments to determine the IoT product's suitability for improving, optimizing and implementing new functionalities, using virtual sensor simulators and progressive IoT testing tools.

Compatibility Testing​

Compatibility Testing is a key step in IoT testing that allows for smooth and defect-free interaction between IoT software and different smart devices, platforms, network layers, and operating systems. It ensures scalability and security within the movement of data and ensures that communication protocols are compatible.


With AI-powered tools and frameworks, we provide you with the best-in-class automation testing services ensuring quality is always at the forefront, delivered at the right speed and scale of agile.

Comparative Analysis and Implementation of Automation Tools

Design and Implement an End-to-End Test Automation Strategy

Automation Testing Framework Implementation

Build Verification Automation and Regression Test Suite Automation

Set-Up Continuous Testing

Cross-Platform Test Automation

Parallel/Distributed Execution Engine

Defect Reporting and Governance Automation

Automation Testing Reporting and Documentation

Automation Testing and ROI Assessment


Before start the test automation process, our team conducts a thorough assessment, keeping project risks and success factors as critical benchmarks. For the best results, we will prioritize the customer's perspective and incorporate it into the automation testing framework.


Acquire a clear understanding of the requirements, determine the approach, scope, templates, and engagement metrics.


Identify a scalable framework and tool designs for test infrastructure in order to develop testing pipelines.


Measure progress and outcomes to ensure that budgets and timelines are met and that results are delivered on time.


Deliver future-proof systems with high responsiveness, reliability, availability, scalability, and resilience


Our experience in IoT testing enables us to test smart web, mobile and desktop applications taking into account the specificities of each industry, the specific needs of users, and to adapt to a changing business environment. We use advanced IoT testing tools, proven QA strategies, and methods to make our work quick and efficient.

Tools expertise and Partnerships