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Mobile Testing

We ensure that your mobile application’s reliability, usability, consistency, and integrity exceed your customer’s expectations.

What We Do

We deliver full-cycle mobile application testing services from project assessment to long-term application maintenance services. This includes engagement with the development team of the client, the development of detailed QA documentation and post-release support. When we start checking your mobile software, we take full responsibility for it, ensuring a long-lasting commitment between our testing team and the client. Transparency, reliability, and trust are key components of all of our testing services.

Achieve higher test coverage

Reduce test execution time

Accelerate your release cycle

Reduce your overall cost of quality

Case studies

We offer a wide range of tests for mobile applications such as interruption, memory, accessories, installation, battery testing, etc.


Functional Testing​

Our team will test the functionality of the core functions of the application to ensure consistent performance across all aspects of an application's features.

Regression Testing​

Our Regression Testing Services ensure that recent changes have not broken any existing functionality and ensure that previous bugs are fixed and defect-free after modifications have been made.

Integration Testing

Our Integration Testing Services ensure that all components of your application work properly and successfully between integrated components.

API Testing

We offer comprehensive API testing services to determine whether the API's of a product meet the required security, performance, functionality, and reliability standards.

End-To-End Testing

Our E2E testing focuses on the simulation of end-user action and involves all integrated components such as interfaces, databases, networks, external systems, etc.

Compatibility Testing​

We provide Compatibility Testing services across OSs, browsers, databases, hardware, display resolutions to ensure that applications comply with the specifications.

Mobile Security Testing

Our QA engineers will ensure the security of your app against hacking attacks, data leaks, and unforeseen system failures to protect the security of your users' data.

Performance Testing

Our performance and load testing services evaluate mobile applications in various aspects. We ensure that your app will have fast performance and response.


With AI-powered tools and frameworks, we provide you with the best-in-class automation testing services ensuring quality is always at the forefront, delivered at the right speed and scale of agile.

Comparative Analysis and Implementation of Automation Tools

Design and Implement an End-to-End Test Automation Strategy

Automation Testing Framework Implementation

Build Verification Automation and Regression Test Suite Automation

Set-Up Continuous Testing

Cross-Platform Test Automation

Parallel/Distributed Execution Engine

Defect Reporting and Governance Automation

Automation Testing Reporting and Documentation

Automation Testing and ROI Assessment



Acquire a clear understanding of the requirements, determine the approach, scope, templates, and engagement metrics.


Identify a scalable framework and tool designs for test infrastructure in order to develop testing pipelines.


Measure progress and outcomes to ensure that budgets and timelines are met and that results are delivered on time.


Deliver future-proof mobile application with high responsiveness, reliability, availability, scalability, and resilience


Our experience in mobile application testing enables us to test across the industry, to meet specific user needs, and to adapt to a dynamic business environment. We use advanced mobile app testing tools, proven QA strategies, and methodologies to make our work quick and efficient.

Tools expertise and Partnerships